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Peek into Oculus Rift dev kit 2, see a Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Want to get a preview of the Oculus Rift as it exists in Dev Kit 2 state, but don't have $350 to spare (never mind waiting for the retail version)? Try heading to your nearest electronics retailer and hold a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 right up to your face.

Oh sure, it won't give you the 360 degrees of stereoscopic 3D that the full headset offers, but according to a teardown by iFixit, the Rift DK2 nonetheless uses the Note 3 screen to display a resolution of 1080 x 960 in each eye. This isn't the same type of screen or same screen technology, by the way. The screen appears to be literally the same; camera holes, button hole, Samsung logo and all. Oculus even left the touchscreen controller attached.

The screen is being overclocked from its usual refresh rate of 60 Hz to 75 Hz, so even though it's the same tech, it's being pushed and used in a way different from the smartphone it comes from. But hey, we'll take what we can get until Oculus and ZeniMax sort out their legal feud.
[Image: Oculus]

WRUP: Guardians of the Galaxies

Other than going to see the talking raccoon movie this weekend, we hope you're settling in for a nice bout in front of a screen and saving some galaxy of your choice. Or, you know, you're playing Plague Inc. and then you're killing us all. You monster.

What's everyone playing?

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Listen to Supergiant's extended Transistor soundtrack here

If you were enchanted by the music featured in Supergiant's Bastion follow-up Transistor, you'll definitely want to check out an extended soundtrack released this week from composer Darren Korb.

A digital version of Transistor's soundtrack is available via Supergiant's store for $9.99, and a CD version will set you back $14.99. Korb's tracks are also available from Steam and the PlayStation Store.

To mark the soundtrack's launch, Supergiant is running a sale on the PC Transistor this weekend. Through August 4, you can pick up a Steam copy of Transistor for only $13.39.

[Video: Darren Korb / Supergiant]

Barely Related: Wonderwear, Deadpool footage

Welcome to Barely Related, a conversational Friday column that presents the non-gaming news stories that we, the Joystiq staff, have been talking about over the past week. And no, we're not stopping our focus on industry and gaming news. Think of this as your casual weekly recap of interesting (and mostly geeky) news, presented just in time to fill your brain with things to discuss at all of those weekend shindigs.

Grab a fresh drink, lean back in your armchair, and get ready to talk nerdy with us.

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No Man's Sky coming to PC after PS4 launch

Hello Games' procedurally generated planetary exploration game No Man's Sky is coming to PC platforms after it launches on the PlayStation 4, Edge magazine reports in its September issue (via GameSpot).

Sony announced during its E3 2014 press conference that No Man's Sky will premiere for the PlayStation 4 before it hits any other console, though its release plans for other platforms were not divulged. Speaking to Edge, creator Sean Murray revealed that the team "always had PC in mind" for the project.

"I actually got in a bit of trouble for saying that we wanted the game to feel really 'console-y,'" Murray said. "We've always had PC in mind but in my head [console-y] means solid framerate and immediate controls. I think a PC game can be 'console-y' and it's intended as a compliment, but I get in trouble for saying it."

A release date for No Man's Sky has not been announced.

[Image: Hello Games]

Infinity Ward adopts two Naughty Dog employees

Taylor Kurosaki and Jacob Minkoff have joined the list of developers who have left The Last of Us developer Naughty Dog to pursue other interests. The pair will both join Call of Duty series developer Infinity Ward, with Kurosaki taking on the responsibilities of Narrative Director, and Minkoff assuming the role of Design Director. The men each tweeted their respective news earlier today.

Kurosaki and Minkoff's departures are the latest chapters in a tale that is starting to feel pretty familiar; former Naughty Dog art director Nate Wells is now with Giant Sparrow, game director Justin Richmond has been summoned to Riot Games, and Amy Hennig, writer of the Uncharted series, is currently working with EA and Visceral Games on an as-of-yet unseen Star Wars game.

Last of Us directors Bruce Stanley and Neil Druckmann don't seem to be going anywhere, which is good news for anyone looking forward to the upcoming movie adaptation.
[Image: Naughty Dog]

Hyrule Warriors has couch co-op, no online campaign

Nintendo's upcoming Zelda-themed brawler Hyrule Warriors will not support online co-op campaign gameplay, a Japanese-language promotional Twitter account revealed this week.

A local team of players can still play through Hyrule Warriors' campaign in an offline co-op multiplayer mode, which assigns one player to the Wii U GamePad's screen while the television displays their partner's character and viewpoint. Hyrule Warriors will feature online play in some capacity, but its core campaign is strictly offline-only.

News of Hyrule Warriors' lack of online play comes shortly after publishing partner Koei Tecmo confirmed that the upcoming Samurai Warriors 4 will feature cross-platform online multiplayer gameplay for the PlayStation 4, PS3 and PS Vita. Online play has been a standard feature for Koei Tecmo's Warriors series and its spinoffs since 2011's Dynasty Warriors 7.

Hyrule Warriors launches in North America on September 26.

[Image: Nintendo / Koei Tecmo]

Weird and wonderful worlds in the galaxy of gaming

Marvel unleashes a new set of heroes on film today with the launch of Guardians of the Galaxy. Though many of the studio's stories collide with modern-day Earth, GotG travels across a series of strange alien worlds.

With the Guardians in mind, we decided to round up some of our favorite, weirdest worlds brought to life in video games. Check out a few of our most memorable galaxies after the break. For even more selections, explore our gallery.

Oh, and suggest your favorites in the comments and tell us why – we'll add it to our gallery!
[Image: Marvel]

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Beyond Good & Evil creator working on an 'extremely ambitious sequel'

Lest you were afraid that Beyond Good & Evil creator Michel Ancel forming a new studio would mean the death of all hope of ever seeing Beyond Good & Evil 2, fear no more: Ubisoft has confirmed to IGN that Ancel is heading development of a sequel to 2003's critically-loved-but-commercially-underwhelming game about a photojournalist with a bo staff and her anthropomorphic pig uncle.

"It's still far too early to give many details about this new title, but what we can say is that while Michel and the team at Ubisoft Montpellier are working with the core tenets of BG&E, they're developing something that aspires to push past the boundaries of a proverbial sequel and leverages next-gen technologies to deliver a truly surprising, innovative and exceptional game," Ubisoft told IGN. "The entire team is excited about the direction this extremely ambitious project is taking, and we'll have more to share later, as it progresses."

A sequel to Beyond Good & Evil has been on the minds of fans for a long time. A long time. Like, "the first teaser was revealed in 2008" long. More recently, Ancel shared concept art of heroine Jade wearing a sleek, samurai-influenced outfit that looks pretty darn close to what we saw in leaked game footage. Still, things have been relatively quiet, and six years is a long time to wait; we don't blame you if your heart has been hardened and you no longer believe.

Still, Ancel said in 2011 that the scope of BG&E2 would require next-generation consoles and well ... we've got those now. Maybe cross your fingers one last time? Hey, it worked for Mirror's Edge.
[Image: Ubisoft]

'Imagine tennis crossed with Street Fighter:' Rust dev unveils Deuce

Alongside Riftlight, an arcade shooter revealed earlier this week, the developers at Facepunch Studios are also working on a game called "Deuce," which a new blog post describes as "an arcade style tennis game with a focus on unique characters and courts." Or, more succinctly, "tennis crossed with Street Fighter."

Though still in its early stages, Deuce appears to combine traditional tennis scoring rules with the "distinct, over-the-top characters with unique moves" aspect of the fighting game genre. "The characters won't look like typical tennis players ... so no Wimbledon starch white shorts here," writes developer Ian James. "We want to build a selection of characters that could star in their own games in the future or perhaps play different sports." James then offers concept art which includes the menacing-looking mariachi band seen above and a redneck stereotype toting a racquet that's just mesh attached to the barrel of a shotgun.

There's no word on when we can expect Deuce to reach the public, but James promises frequent updates to the devblog as progress rolls along. Those who want to inspect every minute aspect of the game's creation should follow Deuce on Trello.
[Image: Facepunch Studios]

Clockwork Empires goes Steam Early Access in August

Clockwork Empires, an upcoming steampunk bureaucracy simulator from Dungeons of Dredmor developer Gaslamp Games, will make its Steam Early Access debut on August 15.

Previously described here as "a less militant Age of Empires as written by H.P. Lovecraft," Clockwork Empires asks players to rule over a growing group of colonists in a world as rife with overly complicated brass machinery as it is with squamous, unknowable horrors that exist only in shadow. Developer Gaslamp Games claims each citizen will have his or her own motivations, personalities and potentially dangerous secrets that will only complicate the task of ruling your superficially sleepy hamlet.

When Clockwork Empires makes its Early Access debut on August 15 it will feature a $30 price tag. If you'd rather not wait for Valve's digital distribution service, you can grab the latest build of Clockwork Empires by visiting the game's website.
[Image: Gaslamp Games]

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Joystiq Deals: Google Play store credit giveaway

There's no better deal than free money, which is why today Joystiq Deals is highlighting the ongoing $1,000 Google Play store giveaway. Those who register for the contest will be entered to win Google Play store credit from one of three prize tiers: The grand prize winner walks away with $150 credit, the runner-up takes home $100 and 15 others will receive $50.

No purchase is necessary to enter the giveaway, but all entries must be in by the drawing on September 31. For full, official rules, see the drawing's lengthy legalese section.
Joystiq Deals is a partnership between AOL and StackSocial. A portion of sales goes to funding this site. Deals are curated by StackSocial independently of the Joystiq editorial team.

Gods can be listening to the Gods Will Be Watching soundtrack

The soundtrack to Deconstructeam's Gods Will Be Watching is available on creator fingerspit's Bandcamp page for your listening pleasure, publisher Devolver Digital recently announced on Twitter.

We've taken a few looks at the point-and-click PC game over the course of its development, up to and beyond its July 24 release date. It ain't exactly sunshine and rainbows as you make decisions regarding who lives and who dies as you and your team travel across the galaxy.

But then, you could probably have guessed that, with tracks like "The Face of Genocide" and "Suicide Mission to Save the World" on the game's soundtrack. Heck, the very first track is titled "Self-Justified Sacrifices." But while the music may not be particularly cheery, we can't deny its quality. Have a listen and give your day a dose of drama.
[Image: Devolver Digital]

Super Joystiq Podcast 107: Oddworld, Rogue Legacy, 80 Days, detective games

This week's Super Joystiq Podcast has never missed saving a Mudokon.

Join us on an oddysee into a week's worth of games. Ludwig, Susan, Earnest, and Sam join forces to discuss the return to Lorne Lanning's original in Oddworld: New N Tasty. Earnest pours some love on Rogue Legacy (Spelunky purists beware), and Susan talks 80 Days. And as always, we flipped a coin to decide whether we have a lengthy discussion on adventure games or detective/mystery games, and tails it was, so gear up for some detective game talk and recommendations.

Listen to the Super Joystiq Podcast: Podcast timestamps and relevant links are available after the break.

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Steam keys for Stained now available to Indie Royale customers

Developer RealAxis has issued Steam keys for its Greenlit side-scrolling action game Stained to Indie Royale bundle buyers in response to community feedback and fan demand.

Earlier this week, RealAxis denied Indie Royale customers their promised Stained Steam keys, citing unexpectedly low sales following its release. RealAxis originally launched Stained as a featured title in Indie Royale's Debut 3 Bundle, pledging to issue Steam keys to buyers after earning community approval via Steam Greenlight.

Steam users who purchased Stained as part of the Debut 3 Bundle should soon receive a key via their Indie Royale accounts.

[Image: RealAxis]

The Joystiq Podcast

The Joystiq Podcast

Super Joystiq Podcast 107: Oddworld, Rogue Legacy, 80 Days, detective games

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